WEBSITE: http://deepinsidemymind.com


Thank you for visiting the website of exhibition Deep inside my mind. My name is Mike, and I am the photographer behind this exhibition. This event is a large follow-up to my last year's solo exhibition Alone;Not Alone.

For the past centuries, portrait artist are valued for projecting the essence of the subject into the art piece. The desire to represent the subject in a reflective manner, or in other words "portraying" them, have persisted and is still basis of portrait genre, especially in photography.

However, every piece of art is a representation of artists' essence as well. Their feelings, experiences, time and place in history, everything is embedded in a piece of art. Consciously or not, artists blend themselves with their subjects into an unparalleled mixture of unique individuals.

"Deep inside my mind" is an exploration of the my psyche through portraits of others. By setting the subject in an unfamiliar time and space, directing their pose and facial expression, or even by altering their outfit and body, I minimalize the essence of the model and emphasize my own emotions,fears, and desires. At the end, the feelings hidden deep inside my mind end up on my photographs.

Welcome to my world.

Mike Mocarski